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The first five-star hotel in shenzhen founder: witness the mainland industry leap progress

Date: 2018-09-10

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, China hotels are numbered and it was not until 1986 that it would not have been in shekou shenzhen the first five-star hotel, the hotel of the south China sea.From planning, recruitment, training to the hotel opening operation, a Hong Kong people are involved in all the way, hands-on, he is natural.Engaged in the hotel, food, investment management more than 40 years, he witnessed China hotel industry leap in progress., he believes, as China's "all the way along the" put forward by the initiative of propulsion, and the people all over the world exchange is frequent, hotels in the next 50 years don't worry about the business, and China hotel management talent will go out.
Close nature, the former shenzhen nanshan district for the first session of CPPCC, beautiful international hotel management co., LTD., director and deputy chief executive, shenzhen nanhai hotel director and general manager, Hong Kong beautiful food, general manager of China group, the current day ye-tomahawk hotel management group, managing director of Hong Kong, guest professor of college of shandong cuisine, France kitchen emperor international food will be the highest honorary chairman.

In 1996, to close natural certificate issued by China tourist hotel association, is written like this: "Mr Close nature by began in 1981 in China engaged in tourist hotel industry, catering and other investment and management.In the period up to now, Mr Guan natural for China to introduce scientific and advanced management skills, contributed a lot to national tourist hotel and catering business, hereby issue the certificate."

Not afraid to challenge north to give lectures

Close natural said, as early as in March 1980, the national tourism administration began to organize various provinces and cities more than part of the foreman hotel staff, take turns to Hong Kong mirage hotel accept field training, each province to a group, each group of 26 people, hotel in the beautiful China to learn five months, two days a week in class, practice operation, four days to each business department one day rest.He is one of the main lender, responsible for docking to students in Hong Kong, to provide room and board, transportation, and training."That year in addition to the training work, more important is on New Year's day is a holiday, all for displaced they held gala, at the time of need, show concern for them, established the deep affection to each other."These students are very hard, data whenever they need a lot of food &beverage, close nature are trying our best to provide, even as many well back on the ground, continue to provide the latest market data.

In 1981, at the invitation of the China national tourism administration, close natural in wuhan, changchun, Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou and so on several big city city hotel service demonstration lectures do western food.The lecture tour to the mainland has trained more than 200 hotel business backbone, promote our country hotel industry development.After the completion of the teaching, he put all the teaching materials, slides, instruments, such as all presented to the national tourism administration, continue for training purposes.China tourist hotels association of praise for the award.

The former chairman of the standing committee of National People's Congress (NPC) of two rows (third left), the south China sea hotel with natural two rows (third right), and part of the hotel staff.

Since 1981, the mirage hotel by the national tourism administration, has invited more than ten provinces chef, to the Hong Kong exchange, the first arrival of shandong cuisine chef, followed by tianjin, jilin, hubei, yunnan cuisine chef, etc., finally is heilongjiang dish cook.As food is one of the principal, close natural before the exchange tour to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong market and the taste of the Hong Kong people, raw materials can be local or must be by the local procurement, even used used to cook kitchen utensils and appliances, they are accustomed to using regular medication, to arrival to arrange transportation and accommodation, etc., to prepare all meetings to study, writing performance of the menu in advance, early promotion in Hong Kong, introduce famous dishes.Finally a busy show success, big popular with locals and tourists from home and abroad.

The south China sea hotel opening recruitment throughout the country

In 1986, is located in shekou, the first five-star hotel in shenzhen in the south China sea hotel officially opened.The south China sea by the Hong Kong beautiful China hotel enterprise co., LTD., China merchants group, Hong Kong and Shanghai bank and the bank of China shenzhen branch joint investment, operation and management by the beautiful international hotel management company.As head hotel, one of the close nature, early in 1983 in shekou industrial zone, on behalf of the mirage hotel enterprise co., LTD., for the south China sea oil field experts provide food and life service, with Xiong Dongliang nanshan tsui general manager of a joint venture, coffee shop, laundry plant, haitao hotel training and so on, more important is to the south China sea hotel make ample preparations.

From planning, recruitment, training to the test, operation, close natural work for more than 30 years in the south China sea hotel.He recalls that, when the national tourism administration need to enhance the level of Chinese hotel management, set up the south China sea hotel is Mr Henry fok strings, get the leadership Mr Yuan Geng support China merchants shekou industrial zone.Huo and zhi-yun Yang are good friends, then find the mirage hotel assistance, isami kinoshita zhi-yun Yang, by his son, managing director Yang Joseph DE mailla execution.